NEW! Trust Equestrian Sween Iron Locked D Ring, 11.5cm (4 1/2") BRAND NEW

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Brand New with tag, this fabulous pony D Ring in the very popular sweet iron locked mouthpiece.

Perfect for the pony who doesn't like double jointed bits but needs more lateral movement than a mullen mouth provides. Also great for ponies that have tongue evasions as there is very little pressure on the tongue and lower jaw.

The locked mouthpiece prevents this single jointed bit from having a nutcracker action due to the specially engineered mouthpiece that prevents it from being bent completely in half.  

The neat D-Rings help with lateral steering - perfect for green ponies or sports that require sharp turns such as Show Jumping and Games

A very kind sweet bit for your beloved pony, or young rider still learning to keep their hands quiet.

We hope to get more Trust bits in, they are just fabulous quality and so clever in their designs.