NEW! Sprenger Weymouth Set -DS Weymouth & KK Ultra Bradoon

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Gorgeous Sprenger DS Weymouth and Sprenger KK Ultra bradoon.  

Sprenger DS Weymouth 13.5cm (5 1/4"), 16mm Aurigan mouth with 7cm shanks

The DS Weymouth has an ergonomically shaped port which offers a broad space for the tongue and is angled forward by 30°. Particularly comfortable for horses that are irritated by a cramped tongue as the bit reduces the pressure on the sensitive borders of the tongue. Lots of warmbloods and other stockier breeds have quite large tongues and the DS is a great weymouth option for them.

The bradoon is a Sprenger KK Ultra, 14.5cm, 12mm Aurigan mouth with small 55mm bradoon rings.  The KK Ultra is a classic and always a great option for horses transitioning to a double bridle that normally go in a KK ultra or similar style lozenge bit.

RRP To purchase this set new? Easily over $500. Who can afford that!? Certainly not us, and is a perfect example of why we started A Bit Less Equestrian!