NEW! Sprenger Weymouth Set - Bemelmans Weymouth & Dynamic RS Bradoon

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Wow! This one is special! Double bit set featuring a Sprenger Bemelmans weymouth and Sprenger Dynamic RS Bradoon. Also, how fun is the word "Bemelmans" to say? Go on!

Sprenger Bemelmans Weymouth 13.5cm (5 1/4"), 16mm Aurigan mouth with 5cm shanks

In addition to being so fun to say out loud, the Bemelmans weymouth from Sprenger is like no other weymouth on the market today.  It has a large ergonomically shaped port that is tilted forwards, so that when the contact is taken up and the bit has rolled forward, the port is in precisely the right place to relieve any tongue discomfort.  Being tilted forwards also means the port doesn't interfere with the roof of the mouth, which can be a hard thing to accomplish whilst still making room for the tongue.

The Bradoon is a Sprenger Dynamic RS 14cm 14mm thickness also in Aurigan.  The Dynamic RS is the perfect partner for the Bemelmans weymouth - the ergonomic shaped mouthpiece relieves tongue pressure and distributes it evenly across the entire mouth.

If you have a horse that can be a bit fussy in a double bridle, or sucks back their tongue, this is the double set for you!  

This set is in beautiful condition and includes a genuine Sprenger curb chain.

RRP To purchase this set new? Around $640. Who can afford that!? Certainly not us, and is a perfect example of why we started A Bit Less Equestrian!