New! Sprenger Mullen Mouth Loose Ring 13.5cm ( 5 1/4")

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Sprenger Mullen Mouth snaffle, 13.5cm (equivalent to 5 1/4"), 16mm Sensogan mouth with 70mm S/S Rings. Excellent used condition.

Very hard to find used in Australia!  We love a good mullen mouth snaffle, there is certainly a type of horse that they suit to a tee.  Green horses that are hesitant into the contact in a jointed bit, or become fixated on the movement of the bit in their mouth (constantly mouthing at the bit) can greatly benefit from a mullen mouth as they develop confidence in the contact and bit.

The Sprenger Mullen mouth snaffle has a gentle curve to the mouth to allow room for the horse's tongue without putting extra pressure on the bars of the mouth.