Sprenger FC Weymouth 13.5cm 5 1/4"

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Gorgeous Sprenger FC Baby Weymouth

Sprenger FC Weymouth 13.5cm (5 1/4"), 14mm Aurigan mouth with 5cm S/S shanks, fixed curb chain hooks.

The FC Special Weymouth is characterized by an especially low and wide port that offers broad space for the tongue without arching upwards. Therefore prevents uncomfortable pressure on the sensitive palate. A good choice for horses with a flat palatal arch.

A Weymouth with fixed curb chain hooks prevents the cheeks from being pinched. Maintains even pressure of the curb chain which has only slight clearance. A good choice for riders who are inexperienced in riding in a double bridle.

Fun fact - A "Baby Weymouth" is simply one that has shorter 5cm shanks ;) But "Baby Weymouth" sounds much cuter!