Sprenger Dynamic RS Pelham 15cm (6")

Sale price $99.00 Regular price $426.00

The very first Dynamic RS Pelham we have ever had come through ABLE and boy is it special!

Gorgeous Sprenger Dynamic RS 15cm (equivalent to 6"), 16mm Aurigan Mouth with S/S Rings.  Excellent condition.

Featuring the very popular Dynamic RS mouth, this anatomically conforming bit is comfortable yet perfect for your big, strong horse!

Pelhams are super for horses that are strong and tend to raise their head as an evasion (as a pelham has a lowering action on the head, compared to a Gag which  has a raising effect).

If you've ever wanted the very best pelham money can buy, here it is! Very hard to find in Australia and even from overseas, you'd be shelling out more than $400 for this bad boy...mop that wine up off your keyboard, you read that correctly. Over $400.  THIS is why we started A Bit Less Equestrian... who can afford to pay that much for a bit!?!