Frequently Asked Questions


The Interesting Bit.

1. I don't know what size my horse needs? Your sizes are confusing, I'm used to inches!

A. Sprenger describe their bits in millimeters.  For example, a 135mm Sprenger is actually 5.31" - this is generally accepted as being the 5 1/4" Sprenger offering.  Neue Schule describe their bits in Inches - as do most other bit distributors in Australia.  Below is a table of Sprenger sizes and their "equivalent to" inches. 

If in doubt please measure an existing bit that you're happy with the fit of, and match that up with the closest mm Sprenger size. 

 Sprenger Size Actual Inches Equivalent Inches
110 4.33" 4 1/4"
115 4.52" 4 1/2"
120 4.72" 4 3/4"
125 4.92" 5"
130 5.11" 5 1/8"
135 5.31" 5 1/4"
140 5.51" 5 1/2"
145 5.70" 5 3/4"
150 5.90" 6"
155 6.10" 6 1/8"
160 6.29" 6 1/4"
165 6.49" 6 1/2"


2. I currently use bit X, do i look for the same size in bit Y?

A.  Bits fit differently, some are more curved than others and different sides affect fit too.  A general rule of thumb is a loose ring bit should be 1/4" bigger than the eggbutt version to avoid pinching lips. If you currently use a 5" eggbutt KK ultra, you will probably need a 5 1/4" in a loose ring KK ultra.

Neue Schule Verbindend's run small - you may want to go up a 1/4" from your usual size.

If in doubt, please contact us, we are happy to help!


3. What are all these Srepnger acronyms? KK WH RS?

A. Sprenger makes a range of different mouth pieces, the most common ones are explained below:

KK: The original! Double jointed with middle lozenge

KK Ultra: Just like a KK but with the centre lozenge rotated 45 degrees

WH Ultra: A KK Ultra with a little wheel on the centre lozenge to encourage the horses to play with the bit a little, great for relaxing tense jaws.

RS Dynamic: The newest offering, like a KK Ultra but the mouth piece arms are more cured making it conform more to the mouth.

Neue Schule are simpler, they just give their bits names!



The Other Bit

3. What Warranty do you offer?

A. We offer 7 day warranty against defects of workmanship - as our items are pre-loved items we do not offer manufacturer's warranty and items are sold "as is".  All bits are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, polished and inspected for defects before we sell them.  We won't sell you something that we wouldn't be comfortable using on our own horses.


4. If my horse doesn't like the bit, can i return it?

A. We do not accept returns, unless of course we sent you the wrong one! Our bits are priced in a way that we are very confident that if your horse doesn't like the bit, you will be able to sell it privately to someone else without losing much, if any, of your purchase price.  These bits are in high demand and always sell very quickly.

5. Do you offer a bit rental service? Can i try before i buy?

A. At this stage we do not have the manpower required to manage a bit rental or try before you buy operation, but may be something we look into in the future.


6. You're finding me a bit that's not instock - how long will it take?

A. There's no easy answer for this, there are a range of factors that come into play:

  • How long it takes us to find one (being that we sell pre loved bits - we can only buy what others are selling!).
  • Which country we found it in, and how much stock we have with the freight company to send (we don't send bits individually.  They wait in their original country until we have enough to make shipping worthwhile, this keeps our costs down and allows us to sell at the prices we do).
  • How long Customs holds on to our shipment for once in Australia (sometimes its hours, sometimes its weeks!)
  • How long they take to get to us once they clear customs (a few days, to a few weeks!)

So you can see how it's difficult for us to estimate "how long" it will take us to find, ship and receive your bit.  This is why we never make promises on how long it will take, nor do we ever ask you for a deposit or a commitment to purchasing what we find.  If you decide you don't want the bit once it arrives, that's OK! It just goes into our general stock. Once we receive a shipment we always pull the custom requested bits first and make sure they're cleaned disinfected and loaded for you to purchase first before any of our "general stock" bits.  Once your bit is loaded on to the website, we send you a link so you can purchase if you'd still like to.

Part of what makes our Business Model so unique from other Bit retailers in Australia (and around the world in fact!) Is that we source gently used bits in the best condition we can find them in and consolidate our shipments from various countries from all over the world.  This is what allows us to sell them to you at a great price, so we hope you can understand that it might be 3 weeks, it might be 8 weeks, it might be somewhere in between.

Please keep this in mind if you've asked us to find a specific bit for you, and rest assured as soon as it arrives we will let you know :)