About A Bit Less

Thanks for visiting our store, A Bit Less!  High quality equestrian bits, for less.

It all began with an idea of teaming up my love for high quality equestrian products, with my lifelong love for horses and making them as happy and comfortable as possible when ridden. 



I strongly believe there is a bit out there that your horse or pony will love, but i also understand that cost of some of these bits can be prohibitively expensive.

It is our aim to bring you these high end, beautifully crafted and engineered bits at a price point that makes them more accessible.



The vast majority of our bits are in excellent used condition.  We source the best cared for, least used stock we can find in order to deliver you excellent value for money.  Occasionally we do have new bits in stock, these are also listed below RRP.

What's that crossed out higher price mean? Well, that the average price of the bit in Australia if you were to buy a new one.  We can offer significant savings by offering you a preloved bit in great condition!

In our goal to these high quality bits into the mouths of horses and ponies around Australia, our stock is priced on a number of factors.  These include the manufacturer's RRP, the condition of the individual bit and general availability.  This is why you might find two bits that are technically "the same" but at different prices.

Sometimes we get in stock that isn't quite what we expected, perhaps it has more signs of usage than we usually like, or perhaps it didn't polish up as nicely as we hoped for.  You can find these listed in the "Select Bits" section of our store.  I would still happily use them on my own ponies, but we like to price them lower than their "excellent used condition" counterparts.  There is nothing wrong with these bits, they are still perfectly safe and usable. If you don't mind that it's a little less shiny or has some tracks, then it's a great spot to pick up a huge bargain!

All our bits are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and polished before appearing in our store.


We love online shopping, and we bet you do too.  We also get super impatient waiting for our goodies to arrive.  This is why we make sure we are super quick to post your bit out to  you - depending on time we are often able to post your bit out the same day, or at latest, the next business day. We even post on Saturdays if you purchase before 11 ACST.  We only charge what the actual shipping cost is, there's no hidden packaging or handling fees, we hate those! We do of course package your bit up super safely regardless.