We Love Ponies!

Who doesn't love ponies!?!  From darling little Welsh A's to up to height German Riding Ponies - Just because your horse is small in size doesn't mean it shouldn't get to enjoy lovely Sprenger and Neue Schule bits too!

Sprenger and Neue Schule both produce bits down to 105mm (10.5cm / 4 1/8"). Sometimes there are smaller, down to 4" - but these are ones someone had custom ordered (and cost them a fortune - we always buy really small AND really big bits!)  We aim to round up as many pony size bits as we can for you.  We have ponies too so we understand how hard it can sometimes be to find beautiful quality gear for them.

Here you will find bits from 4" - 5" - for the ponies (or horses with pony size mouths).

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Sale price $99.00 Regular price $409.00 Sale