Double Sets (Weymouth / Bradoon)

One of our hottest sellers is always our Double Bit sets... AKA Weymouth sets - for use on a double bridle in the dressage or show ring.

Our double sets are super value - most of the sets we sell RRP for anywhere from $430 and up for Neue Schule and over $500 and up for Sprengers.... We can't imagine paying that much for a set ourselves, so why should you!

Our double sets are priced so you can save HUNDREDS.  This is exactly why A Bit Less Equestrian was formed - these Weymouth sets are PERFECTION, the cheap ones don't even come close to the quality and feel that they produce. Everyone should be able to have that.

Sale price $159.00 Regular price $409.95 Sale
Sale price $169.00 Regular price $409.00 Sale