Neue Schule Turtle Top Loose Ring XL

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Neue Schule Turtle Top Loose Ring XL (5 3/4" - 6 1/4"), Salox mouth with S/S rings.  Excellent used condition.

 The NS Turtle Top is an excellent bit for horses who have tongue issues.  The angle of the holes bored for the rings means the bit sits further back in the mouth, negating the need to crank up the cheeks of horses who try to get their tongue over the bit.  The underside is also a very smooth profile, making it a comfortable place for the horse to keep its tongue.

The Turtle Top also has a locking mechanism, the side arms cannot move above the surface over the centre lozenge (the turtle top!) this is a very clever design - designed to discourage horses from putting their tongue out one side of their mouth.

All this in a package that is still a very soft comfortable bit!  We love the NS Turtle Tops for horses with tongue issues and have great feedback from our customers attesting to the same :)