Sprenger KK Ultra & Dynamic RS

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Hi ABLE Friends,

Welcome to our very first blog post - we hope to blog regularly for you with information not only on the range of products we stock but general horse and bitting advise too.  If you have a topic you'd like us to blog about please send an email to info@abitless.com.au

Two of our most popular bits are from Herm Sprenger - the KK Ultra and the Dynamic RS.  These names describe the mouthpiece only - the sides can be many things including loose rings, eggbutt, baucher, gag, D ring etc.  Both types are also available in either Aurigan or Sensogan metal.  So we will focus on what the difference is in the mouthpiece arms (the arms are the parts that are between the sides and the middle lozenge - the part that lays across the lips, bars and part of the tongue inside your horses mouth).

Sprenger KK Ultra and Dynamic RS

Let's start with the standard KK Ultra - the "little black dress" of the bit world.  Everyone should have one of these in their tack room.  Lots of horses love them and go exceptionally well in them.  They feature gently curved mouthpiece arms with a middle lozenge which is rotated at 45 degrees to the arms of mouthpiece.  This rotation of the lozenge allows the bit to conform to the shape of the horses mouth when contact is taken on the reins.

To confuse things slightly, the Dynamic RS is "technically" a KK Ultra - a variation of at least - Dynamic RS still have the KK Ultra stamp on the mouthpiece in addition to the "Dynamic RS" stamped above the mouthpiece metal type.

The Dynamic RS mouthpiece is very similar, with the lozenge rotated at 45 degrees to the rest of the mouthpiece. The arms of the mouthpiece are considerably more curved that the KK Ultra arms to even better conform to the shape of the horse's mouth.  Sprenger tell us that the increased curve in the mouthpiece results in a more even pressure on the horse's tongue and corners of their lips, resulting in a sharper response from the horse.

In the picture you can see the KK Ultra at the front, with the Dynamic RS at the back - whilst it might now LOOK like a huge difference - when we are talking about a horses sensitive mouth, they can feel EVERYTHING.

Which is better? Well.... it depends!  KK Ultra is always a great place to start when trying a new bit - there is a reason it has been popular for over a decade!  However if you currently use a KK Ultra and find your horse is a bit heavy in your hands or not quite as responsive as you'd like - then the Dynamic RS is a good next bit to try.  We have also found that horse's with a "long smile" - that is, the distance from the corner of the lips to the end of the muzzle - also generally go better in a Dynamic RS than the KK Ultra.

As always, if you'd like to have a chat about bitting options for your horse please get in touch with us.  We are always happy to talk bits and throw some ideas around with you on what might make your horse more comfortable, and your riding more rewarding.

You can find our KK Ultra bits here: https://abitless.com.au/collections/sprenger-kk-ultra

And our Dynamic RS bits here: https://abitless.com.au/collections/sprenger-dynamic-rs

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