Herm Sprenger Bits - How to spot a genuine one - don't get scammed!

Posted by Kirby Aylett on

Hi ABLE Friends,

We only sell genuine high end bits here at A Bit Less, because they're the best!  There are a lot of cheap knock offs and look alikes being sold at the moment (some with VERY misleading names!).  We don't want you to be scammed into thinking you're getting a bargain Sprenger, when in actual fact you're getting some cheap mas produced bit with no where near the quality, finish or engineering that comes from Herm Sprenger.

Below is a video that we hope you'll find useful - it describes the markings and details you can expect to find on a range of genuine Sprenger bits including KK, KK Ultra, Dynamic RS and Turnado.  Rest assured, we will only ever sell GENUINE Sprenger Bits!